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We specialise in the retail of a wide range of innovative goods including high quality water products, energy saving products and domestic water filtration systems.

Shower Power is a family owned business and has been in business since 1982. At first shower power commenced operations as a wholesaler to major retailers. Our Company has now evolved into a business direct selling to the consumer via National shows & Expos, shopping centre outlets and now online!

Show price brochure 2017


5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System, Dust Cover, Auto flushing computer and Pump

Using famous brand reverse osmosis membrane, high pressure pump, and convenient and economical replacement filter to make pure and tasty drinking water.

Comes as pictured with everything included needed for installation.

KIT ONLY, Install not included


On special for $450 incl. GST

WineLovers box set

This great gift idea includes –

  • In bottle aerator
  • Easy clean aerator for decanter/glass pour
  • 2 x chiller rods & pourer
  • Bottle opener
  • RRP usually $165


On special for $85 incl. GST

Hyundai Shower Filter

  • Chlorine and heavy metal removal.
  • Easily installed on to shower.
  • Lasts for 12months


On special for $50 incl.GST




Don't forget 50% of all showers!!!